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EA visceral
EA maxis

EA Visceral | UX/UI Design Intern

From Summer 2016 and May-October 2017, I worked at EA Visceral on an action-adventure Star Wars console game and collaborated with engineers, artists, designers, and product managers to create motion mock ups and design fictional interfaces inspired by the Star Wars universe.

EA Maxis | UX Design Intern

From October to December 2017, I interned with the UX design team on Project Campfire at EA Maxis, working on the Sims Mobile app - the mobile adaptation from the popular franchise.

Collegebacker | UX Designer

In 2017, I joined CollegeBacker in September to December as a part-time UX designer, working directly with founders Abby Chao and Jordan Lee.

Tesla | UX Design Intern

From January to August 2018, I interned as a UX design intern on the Supply Chain Automation team at Tesla as the only designer. I worked with product managers and engineers to tackle tough technical challenges and create innovative new solutions to support the entirety of Tesla's supply chain.

Orai | Product Designer

In January 2019, I joined a mobile speech coach startup called Orai as a product designer, growing their team to 18. I wore many different hats, conducting user research and testing, owning new features, iterating on existing ones, and assisted in creating marketing materials. I was laid off in June 2019.

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